Throwdown Thursday with CrossFit Stamford

Throwdown Thursday

The Open is coming and Box Pro Magazine is featuring unique approaches Boxes use to get members involved in the Open. This is Part One in our Throwdown Thursday series.

At CrossFit Stamford in Stamford, Connecticut, the Box has made the Open an in-house competition. For the past three years, they have pitted class against class to compete for the best times/reps in each workout. This year, the top five RX scores, top five scaled scores, and the top masters score from the morning, day and evening classes will compete in some friendly competition to determine which class has the best Open scores.

Each class has a unique shirt with colors determined by which team a member competes with. The Coaches of each class are the captains of the teams. And Andy Parker, co-owner of the Box, said they encourage everyone to sign up just for the fun of being a part of the Open.

“It’s just so cool for the members to show up and have everyone in your class in the same color shirt,” said Parker. “Honestly, you won’t have that many members aiming to make it to Regionals. Most of our gym just wants to have fun and be together, and giving them these shirts is a unique way to get them excited and interested in competing.”

The unique twist they have added this year is offering sponsorships to local businesses in the area. This is a way to get more than just the members inside the Box involved; it can get the entire community invested in supporting the Box.

“We have five sponsors for the shirts,” said Parker. “They pay a dollar a shirt in order to get their company name on the back. The proceeds all go to a local charity, Liberation Programs. It brings the whole community together and we really get into it for five weeks.”

CrossFit Stamford aims to get their members excited about the upcoming competition by spreading the word through social media and within their gym.

“We recently posted the T-shirt designs,” said Parker. “We try to post consistently on the social media platforms because we want to always remind the members how far away it is. It also sparks a little competitive trash talking which gets a buzz going on in the gym.”

What are you offering at your Box to get your members involved in the Open?

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