Throwdown Thursday with Clutch CrossFit

Throw down Thursday with Clutch CrossFit

The Open is coming and Box Pro Magazine is featuring unique approaches Boxes use to get members involved in the Open. This is Part Six in our Throwdown Thursday series.

Coach Thomas Wright at Clutch CrossFit in Houston, Texas, understands there is only a small percentage of athletes who make it to the Games. So making their Open competition more about fun is a vital part to their planning.

“We try to tell our members it isn’t about their level of fitness,” said Wright. “A lot of people will come up to me and say ‘Why would I compete? I’m not going to the Game.’ That’s what spurred our idea of basing our Open on fun and just being together.”

The Open at Clutch is a catalyst for other competitions on social media and through spirit points. While participants can sign up for any heat throughout the day, attendance points are given for showing up to any other heat that isn’t your own.

Social media is a huge aspect to the Open at Clutch. With weekly competitions for points using unique hashtags, like #beclutch or #bedavecastro, it is easy to see how excitement is generated between the athletes.

“It’s awesome because we have some serious goofballs at our gym,” said Wright. “The athletes will get points based on the stipulations of that week’s challenge. I personally can’t wait to see who can be the best Dave Castro.”

The marketing for the Open at Clutch doesn’t stop after the Open begins. They plan on livestreaming each of their Friday night workouts on Facebook and Instagram to allow anyone who wants to watch, but can’t be there, to stream the event.

“Our target is to engage that 99 percent who may not be die-hard games athletes, but who still want to feel the community and the competition that makes CrossFit great.If we can have more people competing in 17.5 than 17.1, then we’ve been successful at keeping our members engaged, active and most importantly, having fun.”

To ensure members would sign up for the Open at Clutch, various avenues were taken. A weekly drawing that included the names of members who had signed up already was held for various prizes each week, so the earlier you signed up the more chances you had to win.

Wright also realized people are more apt to say yes to you in person, rather than on social media. Clutch CrossFit also hosted a Draft Party for their teams a week before the Open started.

“We kind of relied on old school social media and actually went up and had conversations with people,” said Wright. “We would show our video that we made for the Open any chance we got to them and it would just get people really wanting to join in on the fun.”

Once the Open is all said and done, Clutch CrossFit will give the team with the most points various winnings supplied by local athletic companies and Clutch.

What are you offering at your Box to get your members involved in the Open?

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