Throwdown Thursday with Raleigh CrossFit

Throw down Thursday with Raleigh CrossFit

The Open is coming and Box Pro Magazine is featuring unique approaches Boxes use to get members involved in the Open. This is Part Two in our Throwdown Thursday series.

 This is the first year Raleigh CrossFit will host Friday Night Lights in celebration of the Open. The idea came after lead Coach Ben Davis suggested it to owner Chennelle Miller. At the time, Miller had been toying with the same thought after researching what Chris Cooper, the founder of CrossFit Catalyst and Two-Brain Business, had been doing at his Box.

“I did some research on what some other places had done for the Open just to see different ideas and what works for other people in hopes I could apply anything to Raleigh CrossFit,” said Miller. “We formatted our Friday Night Lights based on some suggestions from Chris Cooper and some other things I saw, and feedback from what Ben and I had talked about.”

The Open workouts at Raleigh CrossFit will be held every Friday night in heats starting at 6 p.m. Members interested can register for the Open and they will be drafted on to a team. Captains for the teams are members at Raleigh CrossFit who Miller felt would really motivate others to compete.

“The captains are athletes in our community,” said Miller. “I think they are leaders in our community. They are all fun, spirited people that enjoy doing the workouts. It’s a lot of work to get your community excited about it, but these athletes do it.”

Miller hopes that by creating this Friday Night Lights series, a stronger sense of community will come along with it. It also can be a great way to get someone who has never competed to take part in their first competition.

“We are really trying to make it a special event so that they have something to look forward to every Friday night,” said Miller. “I want it to be very positive and uplifting to let people who have never done a competition before know that this is a great way to get that experience without having to go out somewhere you don’t know. My goal is that is continues to bond our community a little bit deeper.”

Raleigh CrossFit has been posting about Friday Night Lights every couple of days on their Facebook, sending emails and also posting on their website to promote the event. Miller is also incentivizing her captains with a prize for getting members to sign up to compete. “I incentivized the captains to push them to get at least six people to sign up, and if they did that I would give them a bag of protein,” said Miller.

What are you offering at your Box to get your members involved in the Open?

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