Throwdown Thursday with Red Stick CrossFit

Red Stick CrossFit

The Open is coming and Box Pro Magazine is featuring unique approaches Boxes use to get members involved in the Open. This is Part Four in our Throwdown Thursday series.

Amanda Capritto, the head of marketing and promotions for Red Stick CrossFit in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, explained the reveal of the Open at their Box began in 2012. It started with a few members and Coaches huddled around a computer screen, awaiting the release of a workout.

Now, between 50 and 70 people come out to Red Stick CrossFit every Thursday during the Open for a reveal party of that week’s workout. While many athletes come to watch, drink and enjoy each other’s company, heats begin immediately after the reveal for people willing to give the workout of the week a try right away.

“The reveal parties definitely add to the hype here — in fact, those alone are what get many members excited for the Open,” said Capritto. “Even members who don’t compete come out to the reveal parties. Every Thursday is loud, boisterous, hectic and a little nerve-wracking, but the joy those nights bring to our athletes is priceless. The hype on Thursday nights is unreal­ — some people don’t walk out of here until 10, 11 at night, after the last athlete in the last heat has finished the workout, because our members embody that CrossFit spirit that says, ‘No one’s done until we’re all done.’”

On Friday, the Box runs heats just for the competitive athletes with goals aimed at Regionals. Once Saturday rolls around, the heats are open to all members to participate. Also, the class WOD on Monday is the Open WOD.

Because of the intimidation factor that goes hand in hand with the Open, Red Stick CrossFit created a marketing campaign with the hashtag, #InTheOpen. Their hopes are that through the stories of members who have previously competed in the Open others will be inspired to join.

“This year we’ve really been encouraging our athletes to find reasons other than just competition to participate in the Open,” said Capritto. “For example, reasons like, ‘I’m doing the Open because I love to cheer on my friends.’ We push the community aspect of it because the Open can really be intimidating.”

Another added bonus for competing in the Open at Red Stick CrossFit is the chance to win a prize or be featured on social media. If a member gets their first muscle up or pull-up during an Open workout, it is shared for the whole community to celebrate.

“We also have prizes for the best score in each division, one for teens, scaled, Rx, 31 to 35 master’s and master’s,” said  Capritto. “The prizes we give out, one for a male and a female in each division for each workout, are small but fun. They are things like a Rogue jump rope, or a pair of wrist wraps, or something like that.”

What are you offering at your Box to get your members involved in the Open?


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