3 Nutrition Challenges to Consider this Year

nutrition challenges

About one third of New Year’s resolutions are geared toward losing weight, according to WebMD. And 15 percent of those who make resolutions to lose weight often look to a fitness program or nutrition challenges to accomplish their goal.

After the holidays this year, your Box might have seen an influx of class participation. That could be from new members who walked into your gym or from current members who are ready to get back on track.

New or current, members who come to your Box with fitness goals need direction. While one of those steps might be goal setting with a Coach, another could be a Box-wide nutrition challenge to help members eat right while exercising. Because let’s face it, fitness and nutrition go hand in hand.

In fact, in “Exercise vs. Diet: The Truth About Weight Loss” by Sarah Z. Wexler in The Huffington Post, two experts discuss how diet and exercise come into play when trying to lose weight. The final consensus is something you might have heard before: You can’t out-exercise a bad diet. With that in mind, consider how your Box can help your members with nutrition.

Here are three nutrition challenges you can consider holding at your gym:

1.   Whole30

You guessed it — 30 days of a program challenging you toward better nutrition. Whole30’s philosophy is that of a “nutritional rest,” ending bad habits and beginning to see benefits like a healthy metabolism. The challenge gives you real foods to eat and what to stay away from. And it tells you to not step on the scale for the entirety of the program. Read about how to implement a successful nutrition challenge like Whole30 here.

2.   Lurong Living Challenge

Five-weeks of an online nutrition challenge. You can compete as an individual, or Boxes can compete as a whole, against CrossFitters across the nation. There are various ways to earn points, including benchmark WODs, and educational material is provided to help participants.

3.   The Human Performance Challenge

With an online module platform, this eight-week challenge is done using a two-person “partner-WOD” approach.  It stresses different levels of coaching and functions by the philosophy of “eat more, do more.”

Besides the above challenges, you can look into holding your own Zone or Paleo 30-day challenge. Maybe you have a nutritionist on staff that your members can go to for advice or questions. Whatever road you decide to take, be sure to research what challenge best fits your Box’s culture and beliefs.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.