Thinking Inside the Box: Dollamur Sport Surfaces

Dollamur Sports Surface

Dollamur is the world’s largest manufacturer of high-performance athletic flooring for sports, including wrestling, mixed martial arts and now functional training.

Proudly manufactured in the USA, Dollamur developed and patented Flexi-Connect™ technology — a quick way to connect sections of mats without the use of tape or additional fasteners.

“We saw CrossFit participation rapidly expand over the past five years. Since then, we’ve developed the safest and most comfortable mats in the industry,” says Chuck Thompson, Dollamur’s Vice President of Operations.

Many of the world’s largest tournaments — such as the annual Games and Navy SEAL Memorial Challenge — have chosen Dollamur as the official mat supplier.

The company also has a partnership with Team USA’s Jason Khalipa. In addition, Rogue Fitness, the official supplier of equipment to the Games, sells and distributes several types of Dollamur mats that fit underneath rigs for athlete safety.

With its impressive resume of organizations and athletes utilizing its mats, Dollamur has paved the way for functional training and will continue to produce innovative and safe surfaces for years to come.

Dollamur Facts

  • Factory in Fort Worth, Texas produces 6.3 million square feet of foam sports mats per year, enough to cover a football field over 60 times.
  • Only North American company to receive the United World Wrestling (formerly FILA) safety approval for mats used in high-level international competitions, such as the Wrestling World Championships in Las Vegas next September.
  • Provides mats to more than 300 functional training, wrestling, martial arts, mixed martial arts, cheerleading and gymnastics events each year.
  • Official partnerships with USA Wrestling, USA Judo, North American Grappling Association, 10 high school state wrestling championships and many other prestigious companies globally.
  • Easy-to-clean and designed to fit any athletic room, Dollamur mats meet and exceed multiple impact tests, such as ASTM F1081 and F355.