There’s an App for That


In this day and age, it seems change is the only constant.

For instance, look at the tech industry. Every week, there is a new piece of technology or a new app released. It’s hard to stay on top of it all. In fact, a June 2015 article from International Business Times reported that the Apple app store was growing by over 1,000 apps per day. That’s a lot of apps to sift through.

However, the same article also reported that out of the 1.9 million apps found in the app store in 2015, about 73 percent of them were free. Which is good news for the small business owner who has limited resources, but is in need of a whole lot of effectiveness.

There are probably apps out there that could help you and your business succeed in ways you never imagined. And thankfully, they might be cheap or even free to use.

Below are three apps that could very well make your life easier, both in the Box and at home. Take a look and see if any of these can be applied in your business, but remember this list isn’t exhaustive. There are a whole lot of apps out there:


New members are hopefully calling you nonstop. Even so, you might not have the resources for a front desk staff member, nor do you want to hand out your cell number to anyone visiting your website. Sideline gives you a second number that works with your existing cellphone and carrier network. When a call comes in, it will ask if you want to answer it on your personal or business number. Just tap a button and away you go.


Why is it called LastPass? Because it’s the last password you’ll ever need. LastPass stores all of your passwords in one place, and you use a master password to access them. It even works with login screens of your favorite websites, prompting you to first fill in your master password. Then it will fill in the username and password for that website. And if you need help coming up with a hard-to-crack password, LastPass will generate one for you.


Ever write a to-do list down on a Sticky Note only to lose the Sticky Note? Well, Wunderlist is an app to keep your life in check right on your phone — which you hopefully won’t lose. With the ability to create lists, set reminders, share your lists, forward your emails to the app and set due dates, the app claims it’s “the easiest way to get stuff done.”

Heather Hartmann
Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at