The Wholesale Process


When Odessa CrossFit first started, Meredith Whitaker recalled her husband was one of the few to wear knee sleeves.

“Then we went to the Games and they all have them,” said Whitaker, a co-owner of the Box in Odessa, Texas. “Well, I wanted a pair and then we brought them in the store and now it’s like everybody has knee sleeves.”

Odessa CrossFit is a wholesaler for a multitude of products: Progenex, Stonger Faster Healthier, RockTape items, Pure Pharma, Kill Cliff and most recently, Natural Grip. “Most of the products that we start to sell are either products that my husband and I are either interested [in] or have tried, so then we’ll contact them to see if they have a wholesale program,” said Whitaker.

Typically, the gear and protein are on a constant re-order basis. The one thing Whitaker said they’ve had a problem selling is any apparel lines outside of their gym’s own T-shirts that have a recognizable brand and logo. “Once they didn’t necessarily recognize the brand as much, then we had a harder time with those items,” said Whitaker.

Protein is typically the No. 1 seller at the Box, but Whitaker said they often learn from trial and error in terms of what sells and what doesn’t sell.

Often, it is a simple process to become a wholesaler. If she is interested in selling a product, Whitaker will go to the website and contact the company. She will figure out first if they have a wholesale program, and then will always ask about pricing.

When it comes to setting the price of items at her Box, she will usually price it the same as it is online. It is cheaper to buy at the gym though because there is no shipping cost. “A lot of stuff is almost like a convenience for members,” said Whitaker.

In terms of marketing, Whitaker said they don’t do much. The Box will display the products in an obvious place, word of mouth will do its job and trainers often wear what the Box sells. However, when they get a new flavor of Progenex in or start selling a new product, it will appear on Instagram and the community’s social media pages.

Overall, Whitaker said she wants to be profitable when being a wholesaler for various products, but even more so, she wants to offer convenience to her members. If the gear and protein Odessa CrossFit sells will help her members, Whitaker will continue to sell the products.

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