The #StayinMay Campaign

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In March 2020, O2 launched a profit-sharing initiative with several other fitness brands.

It allowed gym members to contribute 50% of their online O2 purchases profits to their gyms in hopes to stem the effects of the COVID-19 shut-downs.

The response was huge, raising over $230,000 for 2,600 gym owners. So, in May, the company took it one step further with their #stayformay campaign.

“O2 spearheaded an initiative with partners Born Primitive, Puori and Bear KompleX in a nationwide effort to help gyms retain their members at the height of the coronavirus pandemic,” said Eric Le, the vice president of marketing at O2. “We offered a combined $100 gift card to every gym member in America who belongs to a participating gym — over 2,600 — as long as the member paid his or her membership dues for the month of May.”

On June 1, the company issued $100 gift cards to members from 2,633 gyms with a link where their members who stayed for the month of May can enter their information to receive their gift card. Le shared a couple thoughts from gym owners on the program:

“This just made me have a bit more hope. I am sending out an email about May memberships this week and this is going to help myself and so many other gym owners out. You guys are the best. Seriously.” — Muskegon CrossFit 

“This is awesome. Our members are so excited. Thank you for your efforts to help the Affiliates stay alive.” —Blackbird CrossFit

Le said since launching the profit-sharing initiative in March, and now the #stayinmay campaign, other brands have followed suit. The idea is that a single gym can have a huge impact on its community, from changing habits in nutrition and exercise to gaining confidence and personal growth. “We can’t afford to lose these beacons of health/wellness, especially at a time when the collective health of our country is at risk,” said Le. “Many people most susceptible to COVID are those with preventable conditions that could often be managed by the very principles these gyms stand for.”

In order to survive, it’s key to remember you’re not in this alone as a business owner, as shown by the #stayinmay campaign. Le urged Affiliates to lean on one another in order to make it out of the pandemic stronger than before. “Recognize the impact you have as a leader and anchor among your community,” said Le. “Don’t be ashamed or afraid to ask for help.”

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