The Secrets Behind This Box’s Success

Koda CrossFit

“If you had to describe your CrossFit facilities in one word, what would it be?” With no hesitation, Jared Muse responds: “FUN.”

With four facilities and numerous in the works, Koda CrossFit owner Jared Muse knows just what it takes to create a Box that’s not only fun, but also highly successful. Started in 2011, Koda CrossFit has taken over Oklahoma City and surrounding areas. And Muse is eager to share with the CrossFit community the secrets behind his continued success.

Embody Your Name

“Koda” in Sioux is the word for friend. It represents the community that lived, hunted and went to battle as a team. It now serves as a symbol of the family dynamic and teamwork that Koda CrossFit embodies every day. This community of friendship is what makes its facilities unique and keeps its members coming back. When you stand by a meaningful name, it makes it that much more personal for your clients. They want to feel like they belong, that they are a “Koda.”

Take Cleaning Seriously

Often it’s an unspoken expectation — cleanliness. Your members go to the gym to improve their well-being, so why put them at risk to an unclean facility? A little extra effort really does go a long way, and Muse agrees. From facility-wide disinfection and thorough bathroom cleaning — thanks Greg Glassman — to owning floor scrubbers and obtaining cleaning certifications, Koda CrossFit doesn’t take cleaning lightly. Proper cleaning truly shows your customers you care.

“One facility space I purchased was filthy. I remember thinking members would be more afraid of the floor than being focused on the workout,” explained Muse. “A floor scrubber that successfully sucked up the dirt and germs instead of dispersing it made all the difference.”

It’s the extra cleaning effort that keeps customers coming back.

Show You Care

Dale Carnegie once said, “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you.” From Kodaversaries that celebrate dedicated members to featuring CrossFitters on social media, Koda CrossFit doesn’t forget to show customer appreciation. Even if it’s something as simple as remembering your members’ names, caring gestures turn into loyal advocates. 

Keep It New

With a plethora of gyms in your community, you must find a way to keep your space new and relevant. A huge way Koda CrossFit has achieved this is by putting money back into the gym. Muse tells he likes to work out with the latest and greatest machines, so why not give customers the same? He recently purchased new bars, new rowing machines and more. Keeping his facilities’ equipment new and everything looking great is important to him. Just like people’s fitness journeys involve TLC, your business journey needs it, too.

Make It Fun

“One of the most rewarding things at the end of the day is looking into a facility and seeing my space flooded with hundreds of people. Hundreds that care about fitness, that take time out of their day to spend it with us,” he said. Muse also added creating a welcoming environment that is just plain fun makes your workout the thing you look forward to most. “When people have smiles on their faces and leave in a better mood than they came in, we know we’ve done our job here at Koda CrossFit,” he shared.


By Audrey Sam, the marketing assistant of Factory Cleaning Equipment, Inc. For more information, email or visit