The Relentless Pursuit of Education


On April 10, 2016, Diane Fu flew into the Indianapolis International Airport, and then drove 45 minutes south to host a FuBarbell seminar at CrossFit Retaliation in Columbus, Indiana.

Fu is a Coach at San Francisco CrossFit and the founder of FuBarbell, a traveling Olympic Weightlifting and Strength Conditioning seminar. Fu has worked with both Games athletes and Games teams.

Columbus is a small town in the Midwest, made up of just over 45,000 people. There are two CrossFit Boxes in the city, and Columbus is the hometown of 2015 Games athlete Nicole Holcomb.

With that said, Affiliate Jase Robinson doesn’t believe enough of the city’s residents know about the sport of CrossFit. To help educate not only his members, but the entire CrossFit and Columbus community about weightlifting, he invited Fu to his Box.

This was no easy feat. Robinson explained he and his business partner, Dree McNear, “relentlessly emailed” Fu, asking her to schedule a FuBarbell seminar at CrossFit Retaliation. Once she agreed, they contacted Affiliates and Coaches in Indiana and surrounding states to come to CrossFit Retaliation to learn from FuBarbell.

Watch the video to see what Affiliates and Coaches are privy to by attending a FuBarbell seminar, and why Robinson and McNear did not give up on pursuing this piece of continuing education.

Diane Fu Weightlifting Seminar from Box Pro Magazine on Vimeo.


Hayli Goode is the former digital editor for Peake Media.