The Reasons Why You Should Carry Supplements

Why carry supplements?

In CrossFit, proper nutrition is equally important to proper form. They complement each other in order to maximize the benefits of training. Intense CrossFit workouts can deplete an individual’s muscles in ways that not even a perfect Paleo diet can fully protect against. When training your muscles, the right sports supplements can go a long way to help the body function at optimal levels. This is a critical step in strengthening, rejuvenating and restoring the body. Sports supplements provide the energy and essential nutrients needed to aid in recovery.

The faster and more effectively you recover can help you take your training to the next level. While an excellent diet definitely helps, nothing can help your post-workout recovery like a quick protein shake after your WOD.

So why should you carry supplements?

1. It gives your customers easy access to the best supplements on the market. 

Your customers are extremely busy and are constantly looking for ways to make their lives easier. Carrying supplements at your Box does just this. Instead of having to make an extra stop at their local vitamin shop, they can just pick up whatever they need on their way out the door. Furthermore, your customers are loyal to your Box and want to support it as much as possible. Supplements give them the chance to do just that.

2. It is a great way to differentiate. 

With Boxes popping up on seemingly every street corner, offering supplements is a great way to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. Supplements give your Box a professional look and offer what other Boxes can’t.

3. It keeps your members’ supplement dollars in your Box. 

Supplements are a great way to increase you bottom line with incremental revenue. This gives you an opportunity to better serve your members by offering newer or more equipment as your Box continues to grow, or potentially opening another gym.


By Chris Beery, Europa Sports Products Functional Fitness Consultant and CrossFit Level 1 Trainer. For more information, email