The Power of BelleCore’s Bodybuffer


BelleCore was founded in 2007 by four Boston doctors, a medaled triathlete, M.I.T. and Harvard engineers. The first product, HoneyBelle bodybuffer, was launched primarily for the spa/wellness market in January 2010. A travel-size version with universal motor was added in 2011 followed by fit versions of both models in 2012 due to the demand of the athletic market.

The bodybuffers utilize random orbital oscillation to eccentrically spin its terrycloth-covered pad between 2,500 and 3,500 rpm, delivering a powerful deep-tissue massage — a simple but highly effective technology that is proven to work.

The bodybuffers are powerful muscle massagers for CrossFit athletes, triathletes, marathoners, Spartan Race participants, dancers, cyclists, and Pilates and yoga enthusiasts. They are perfect for anyone whose demands of daily routines and training invariably lead to intra-muscular build up of metabolic waste such as lactic acid, resulting in D.O.M.S. When this waste is removed, recovery is accelerated and performance goes up.

The bodybuffers’ strong vibrations penetrate the deep soft tissues, small and large muscle groups, enhance blood and lymphatic flow, and thereby help dissipate metabolic waste products. For best results, use the bodybuffer before and after workout routines on a relaxed muscle: Different positions will allow you to relax the individual muscle groups targeted, such as the buttocks-gluteal muscles, thighs-quadriceps and hamstrings, calf-gastrocnemius and soleus, and arm-triceps and biceps.

Unlike traditional stretching exercises that put strain on sensitive joints, the bodybuffer directly targets the muscles, flooding them with warm oxygenated blood, which can result in significantly increased performance.

A noted physical therapist and sports scientist has been using both sizes of the bodybuffer as adjunct therapy tools for treatment of athletes for a wide variety of conditions:

  1. Range of motion therapy.
  2. Treating Lymphedema and reducing edema.
  3. Providing relief from chronic musculoskeletal cramps.
  4. Stimulating muscle and tendon healing.
  5. Treating Plantar Fasciitis.
  6. Preparation of patients for strength exercises.

The therapist gave an example: “The first use of the buffers was in treating the painfully tight IT bands of an elite female Alpine ski racer. She reported that her therapist could provide relief for 10 days after an hour of excruciatingly painful deep tissue massage and foam roller treatment. After one, 40-minute treatment with the bodybuffer, her IT bands became relaxed and supple. After three treatments, the tightness was resolved. Critical to both the therapist and the patient is the time saving and relatively pain-free nature of the therapy. It has become apparent that the rotational and orbital action of the bodybuffers provides a penetrating, shearing action and that this action softens scar tissue, releases musculoskeletal adhesions, releases pockets of unmetabolized drug and/or unmetabolized metabolic waste and stimulates circulation. Remarkably, this occurs without the associated pain/bruising/swelling of other therapeutic range of motion techniques. The bodybuffers have become an integral part of our practice and creative techniques continually appear for the utilization of these tools in the clinical setting. Use of the bodybuffers keeps patients happier and more enthusiastic for their treatments. For physical therapists and their assistants, use of these tools adds a welcome option to treatment plans.”