The Open Has Come and Gone, but Members Must Stay On

What's next?With the Open in our rearview, how do you keep the excitement and motivation continuing at your gym?

That’s probably the question and worry a lot of Affiliates are having at this very moment. Sure, you can preach all day about how the Open is simply a year’s end to a year’s worth of work in the gym, developed to test your growth in fitness.

But by this time, the temperatures are warming just about everywhere in the U.S., the days are getting longer, and the urge to be outside enjoying porches and relaxing in the sun are upon us. Most fitness facilities have already experienced the New Year’s fall off, but CrossFit is lucky because the Open doesn’t start until about the time that the typical fall out would occur.

However, it’s finally come, and the week following the Open season is here. The sounds of individual WODs going off in the gym, people sweating but still cheering is all a distant memory. In my opinion, Affiliates need to take this time to rebuild their members. This is how they will keep them in the gym.

Over the past weekend, 15.5 destroyed athletes from around the world. It was a true test of fitness, but left individuals on their backs gasping for air. Once competition is over, some athletes may decide to take a week off. The scary aspect of this week is that one week can easily morph into two, then three and then… you get the point.

Members easily get caught up in the day-to-day and forget they haven’t seen the inside of the gym in a few weeks. Where they were once sore, now they’re considering the difficulty of returning. Eventually, they revert back to the mentality, I’ll condition myself to get back into CrossFit.

This week could be crucial for your gym going into the summer. Start today by brainstorming marketing strategies that could excite your members. Although CrossFit isn’t so much about how one looks, people and members are very much concerned about bathingsuit season.

I know, you don’t want to be like a typical gym, but you don’t want your members to lose sight of the end goal. Sometimes to keep members focused you have to pander to their more immediate concerns. They do CrossFit, so they are getting to a place where they are fit, but bathingsuit season could generate different emotions.

Begin to use those emotions to get your members stronger and more engaged than ever. Create programming that will build strength and core competency more than normal — also programming that can provide time to recharge. Maybe WODs three days a week are centered around shredding fat and toning muscle.

True, your above average CrossFit athlete won’t be focused on this, but your average member certainly will be. Take some time this week and generate a marketing campaign that discusses nutrition, core and body fat loss. Utilize CrossFit to keep members moving in the right direction, but motivate them by reaching their most inner desires of looking fantastic for the summer.

Tyler is a former editor of Box Pro Magazine.