The Never-ending Equipment Struggle

10264532_930194647014608_5790105234465589051_nOwning your own Box can be a very rewarding experience. But at the same time, it can be a never-ending struggle in the area of equipment purchasing.

JoEllyn McAtee, the owner and head Coach of CrossFit Bluegrass, said she’s continually contemplating what the gym will need next. “The most frequent purchases are chalk, weight plates and jump ropes,” she explained. “Half for the obvious reasons that we run out. I haven’t found any reasonable priced weight plates that last for the CrossFit Box. The lighter plates — 10 pounds, 15 pounds and 25 pounds — are used so frequently that they just get damaged. I always encourage members to buy their own jump ropes, which I honestly believe is a better way to learn double unders, and they can also invest in a good speed rope that fits their specific needs.”

Although plate damage is just a regular occurrence at CrossFit Bluegrass, McAtee understands that the dropping of weights, in a safe manner, is simply an aspect of working out in a Box. “With this comes some breaking and bulging plates, but it’s one of those little things I choose not to stress about,” she said.

In terms of truly knowing what the Box needs and when, McAtee said it comes from the programming. “I think if you have a Coach/owner that actually knows how to program and improve an athlete, then they know what equipment is needed in their gym,” she said. “CrossFit is a science that is continually changing, and so your Coaches should be keeping up with the best and most efficient way to produce good CrossFitters — sometimes that involves new equipment.

“Then from a business standpoint, athletes want to see you invest into them and into the Box. Keeping a well-stocked gym is a good sign that your business is prospering and the athletes that are paying a monthly membership will appreciate that you are giving back to them.”

Tyler is a former editor of Box Pro Magazine.