First Steps to the Million Dollar Gym


I started my gym business out of my garage over 10 years ago. I then moved it into a warehouse with no A/C or heat and a bathroom that no one would dare to use. I currently operate a CrossFit gym in a space made up of five retail store fronts. My next step is going be a 12,000-square-foot, custom-built facility in which I own both the land and the building.

My vision is to create the gym I have always dreamed of. It will allow me to do something I love and also generate a level of income that will allow me to live the life I have always wanted, all while regaining control of my time.

In doing this, I will create an environment for athletes who only except excellence in their lives. It will be a synergistic relationship that by giving them everything they need, want and deserve, I will be doing the same for myself.

Over the next 18 months I will be sharing the steps it will take to turn this dream into a reality.

I will be letting you in on meetings with current and potential partners, relators, general contractors, architects, and many more along the way.

You will get to see the business plan, what the athlete experience will be and how we will employ full time Coaches who earn professional salaries.

This whole process and the various steps are going to take a lot of hard work. There are going to be some bold and possibly scary decisions that have to be made, but I think Helen Keller put it best: “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all!”

Eric Karls is a founder of CrossFit 859 in Nicholasville, Kentucky. He also helped open CrossFit Fisticuffs in Georgetown, Kentucky, and is the founder/supervisor of Georgetown College CrossFit. Eric can be followed on his personal Facebook or contacted at