The Layout of CrossFit Belltown

CrossFit Belltown

In Seattle, Washington, CrossFit Belltown is located in an old antique shop. The dark stain and strongman memorabilia make the gym stand out from the rest. Owner Nadia Shatila preaches an attitude of attention to detail and embodies ‘The Belltown Difference.’ Take a look inside her gym here:

Large windows let natural light into the gym workout space. Brick walls bring character to the Box.

Fun details, like the above strongman memorabilia, make CrossFit Belltown something unique to behold. It’s the small things and often overlooked details that can often matter the most.

Although no longer an antique shop, remnants of what the space used to be still exist on Belltown’s walls.

A lounge, complete with whiskey, sits on an elevated platform in the facility. It too keeps the style of the dark stain and brick work.

The space is kept clean by hanging weights and bands up on the walls. The rig sits against the wall to provide for more open floor space.

CrossFit Belltown is like the old gentlemen clubs of the 1900s in looks and brand. It truly embraces the Belltown Difference.

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