The Layout Landscape of Max Effort

Layout is a big deal in the world of Boxes.

In some senses, it’s one of the things that helps you stand out. It also determines how your classes and members flow around the gym.

Here is an inside look at Max Effort Fitness’ space in Las Vegas, Nevada.

When you walk in the door of Max Effort – the location on Sunset – on your right you’ll be greeted by a front desk staffer. Product, gear and apparel are displayed as you check in.

On your left you’ll find a lounge. Shop the racks to find the Max Effort apparel you like the best, or take a seat in one of the comfy chairs.

From the lobby you’ll head into the workout space. The main gym has a large rig forming a U-shape around the space. To the left is a smaller room complete with turf and accessory items.

Throughout the space, you’ll find decals, charts, graphs and even coaching certificates on the walls. They offer up inspiration as well as information for the members.

Organization is a priority in the space. The rowers, bikes, boxes, kettlebells, medicine balls, etc. all have a place right off the main workout space.

Max Effort even has a spot specifically for mobility. A TV is set up for ROMWOD right across from the kettlebells. You’ll also find disinfectant spray not too far from all the ab mats and wall balls in order to give members easy access to wipe down their equipment.

Heather Hartmann
Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at