The Key to Developing Great Hiring Practices

HiringSmall businesses, which most CrossFit gyms fall under, typically struggle with perfecting operational systems and hiring practices. Not that this is a fault, but all of these things take years and years for major corporations and top-level companies to develop.

The key to developing great hiring practices can simply come from trial and error over the years. However, some systems must be implemented from day one just to begin the process. In Matt Sharp’s case, the founder of CrossFit Maximus in Lexington, Kentucky, he utilized training practices from when he was a Field Training Officer for the Lexington Police Department.

“A lot of it’s built around ‘I do, you watch,’ ‘I do, you help,’ ‘You do, I help,’ and then ‘You do, I watch,’” Sharp explained. “It’s kind of walking them through those four stages … and it really eases them into it. We have kind of a checklist that they go through over those 30 days.”

The things and the hirees list may be as simple as calling a class to the white board and doing announcements. In the early stages, that could be all that the new potential Coach does and then hands the reigns back over to the Coach leading the class.

“The next day they may call the class to the whiteboard to do announcements, and then lead the warm up,” explained Sharp. “We kind of walk them through that process of a great class. They will only train under our best Coaches too. We don’t want them learning bad habits. Then we will all sign off on them before we let them coach a class.”

At the end stage Maximus has a manager watch a class of the new Coach to ensure they proceed correctly. However, because of how Maximus structures its class levels, it is able to start the new Coaches off in the B-level classes, the more beginner focused programming, before they release them to the A-level.

“Some people are just great B Coaches,” explained Sharp. “It’s not that they’re not good A Coaches, they’re just kind of built for that support role, and they shine in it and really enjoy it. For us that’s great. When we average over 15 a class, we try and put a B Coach in every one of those.”

Having successful hiring practices is one major step to ensuring your member experience is top-of-the-line. And although it may not be discussed enough, it very well could be the most important operational practice your Box possesses.

Tyler is a former editor of Box Pro Magazine.