The Flex Timer Advantage

Flex Timer

Technology is all around us and when implemented properly, it has the ability to drastically improve our lives. Your Box is not immune from these advances. Embracing products and services that improve your daily routines can have a great benefit for Box owners, Coaches and members alike.

The Flex Timer is one of these technological advances. Unlike traditional LED interval timers that are controlled by an obsolete IR remote that is easily lost or broken, the Flex Timer is controlled by a mobile application run on a smartphone or tablet. Athletes get a large, crystal clear LED display that they can see from throughout the gym, and Coaches gain the ability to easily and quickly program their timer sequences from one of six highly configurable timer modes — standard, round, interval, tabata, EMOM, laps. Utilizing the new Bluetooth LE wireless standard, connecting to the timer is a breeze with no tedious pairing necessary. Once connected, you can control the timer from over 100 feet away, around corners and through walls. Coaches can plan their workouts in advance and then instantly call up their timer structure in class, saving time and letting your Coaches focus on coaching and not timekeeping.

Additional features and benefits abound, including:

  • Favorites — Store an unlimited number of favorite structures by name in your own personal library.
  • Audio Sync — Synchronize the clock’s buzzer with your workout tunes using an external speaker system and have your music automatically fade in/out at the end of the rounds.
  • Timer Link — Link multiple timers in a gym together and run them simultaneously.
  • Heart Rate Display — Integrate an HR monitor for personal training sessions and see your member’s HR in real time.
  • Hands-Free Control — Control the timer from a smart watch on your wrist.
  • Every Phone is a Remote — Let your members use their own devices during open gym times or set a secure code to keep the device for just your Coaches.

With so many great benefits, everyone in your gym is sure to embrace this routine-changing technology.

The best part though is that the Flex Timer continues to get better — new app updates are released every few months, unlocking new features and new capabilities.

Can your current gym timer do all that?

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