The Drop-In Doc

drop-in doc
Image courtesy of Adam Schulte

A Coach at Friendship Fitness went to a sports medicine doctor and received criticism around the fact he did CrossFit.

And it gave Adam Schulte the idea to start the Drop-In Doc.

“We needed to create a clinical setting managed by a healthcare provider within the community who not only understood why you do what you do, but also does it side-by-side with you,” said Schulte. “We needed a doctor from within the community that was a trusted resource to coaching staff and members alike, a clinical CrossFit patient advocate.”

Moving back home to California, Schulte joined Resolution CrossFit, the clinic concept still in the back of his mind. Eventually having a conversation with Matt Ilharreguy, the owner of the gym, about the gym’s lease and subletting, Schulte said the clinic idea came up and has been full steam ahead ever since.

Located in Yorba Linda, California, the Drop-In Doc is an in-house, Affiliate-based medical clinic out of Resolution CrossFit. “The goal of the Drop-In Doc is to replace the existing sickness care model that we currently call healthcare,” explained Schulte. “It probably seems more obvious to me because I’ve been developing our practice model for over half a decade, but if the gold standard for the prevention, management, treatment of chronic disease are dietary and exercise interventions, then we need a system in place that incentivizes them. We do that by redefining what healthcare is, by introducing a standardized, systematized, and individualized approach to measuring and assessing the actual determinants of health.”

The ribbon cutting was October 10 and Schulte will start seeing patients on weekends, transitioning to full time once he hits the break-even point. Schulte said the perfect location for one of these clinics is based on accessibility/centrality, Affiliate gym distribution, gym floorplan, local and state building codes, etc. It’s something he’ll keep in mind as they look to eventually expand to other locations.

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“I’ve already had some very productive talks with the coaching staff at Friendship Fitness, Josh Plosker of Invictus Boston and healthcare providers who are interested in becoming part of our expansion efforts,” he said. “I’ve learned invaluable lessons over the past year of planning that will help streamline this process when we start building in other locations, but we want to solidify the constructs of the pilot clinic before copying and pasting to satellite locations.”

All in all, Schulte isn’t looking to offer a quick fix, but a real one. Using body composition testing and even workout performance history, the Drop-In Doc is looking to redefine and change healthcare. It’s a lofty goal, but one he is excited about. 

“This is like the Lewis and Clark expedition just setting off; no one has done this before on such a scale, and we’re blessed with the opportunity to make all these fascinating discoveries with each patient we see, building our database and working with gym communities to show the healthcare industry this is how you fix healthcare,’” said Schulte. “We’re like David facing Goliath, but we’re holding the stone, and you know how that story ends.”

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