The CrossFit Scholarship Program

CrossFit Scholarship
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In a press release from CrossFit Inc., the CrossFit Scholarship Program was announced.

It will launch July 11-12, 2020 at CrossFit Downtown Atlanta with a free Level 1 Course for kids and young adults.

“CrossFit and its methodology are intended for anyone who wishes to improve their health and fitness,” stated the release. “The power of CrossFit’s community and methodology presents a unique opportunity to help bridge gaps in access to health care and wellness … The mission of the CrossFit Scholarship is to spark meaningful health-care changes in underrepresented and underserved communities by providing foundational health and fitness education through free access to the CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course.”

The launch came after several weeks of unrest and upheaval in the CrossFit industry that concluded in Greg Glassman selling CrossFit to Eric Roza.

Behind the idea of the free course is making CrossFit’s support and tangible heath-care solutions accessible to everyone. “We believe providing more access to CrossFit’s life-changing health and fitness methodology is one way we can help,” stated the release. “CrossFit can help promote change by providing broader and more inclusive access to our coaching credential. In the future, and in collaboration with other members of the CrossFit community, we will broaden the program to include mentorship opportunities and pathways to becoming an entrepreneurial business owner.”

CrossFit HQ Flowmaster Chuck Carswell (CF-L4) was interviewed in the release. “I look forward to working with CrossFit Downtown Atlanta, other local Affiliates and nonprofits like the Atlanta Leadership Club,” he said. “The Leadership Club’s mission is to teach participants how to apply for jobs, be successful in interviews and engage in team building activities. This shared objective to positively impact youth in Atlanta represents a synergistic match with the CrossFit Scholarship and supports the aims of this course.”

If you are interested in being involved or want more information, please reach out here.