The Coaches’ Game Plan

Game PlanOn the exterior, Game Plan appears to be a supplement company. Instead, it’s the only technology platform of its kind specifically built for Box owners to increase their profitability. And it’s free — for now.

As an Affiliate, you should never allow your members to spend their money at GNC, Vitamin Shoppe or when they could be helping your Box grow. Game Plan does not market products to your members; instead, it relies on educating Coaches to help members make informed buying decisions. One cool perk is that Game Plan will sponsor your Coaches each month with free products because your Coaches are the influencers in this space, and when they have a great experience and results, your members will take notice.

Game Plan sets up a custom online page for you that acts like an online store where you and your Coaches can refer your members. For a great example, check out d​​Your members will save 10 percent on all orders and get free shipping. As a Box owner, you will receive 20 percent of all sales paid out monthly. With everything done solely online, the associated risks with carrying retail products at your Box like expensive upfront costs, risk of theft and inventory management disappear. It’s retail without the hassle.

Game Plan carries its own line of all natural supplements, as well as many brands that the community has heavily endorsed. Game Plan products are formulated by a team of leading doctors, dieticians, trainers and athletes, and are specifically geared toward to increasing athletic performance. Featuring all­-natural and scientifically backed ingredients, Game Plan’s products can be found in more than 20 professional locker rooms (NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL).

Products include pre­ and post­ workout (PUMP, RECOVERY), 100 percent natural grass­fed, non­-GMO, hormone free whey protein (most mixable on planet), Catalyst Coffee, MCT oil, and CLP (cleans, lubricates and protects) hand salve

Game Plan also carries brands like ­Kill Cliff, FitAID, Best Bar Ever, Lurong Living and ­Generation UCAN.

Every athlete and member who walks through your door can either be a magnet or a repellent. Magnets are people who enjoyed their first WOD, see results, and become long-lasting members. Repellents are the opposite. They are people who have tried CrossFit and are either too tired to get through a WOD, too sore to come back again, or lack motivation to stick with your program. Nutrition and supplementation can help create magnets: The more people who can come back tomorrow feeling refreshed and energized will increase your overall membership and retention.

Check out the “​What is Game Plan?”​ video.

To apply to be approved as a Game Plan Box, c​lick here.​Or, you can expedite the process by emailing with the subject BOXPRO.


By Tory Gray, the senior partner production manager at Game Plan. Contact Gray at 207.491.6852 or