The Burden Games 2015

The Burden Games

Together, teams will carry the burden on April 25, 2015 in Morgantown, West Virginia.

CrossFit Morgantown is hosting its second annual Burden Games. Last year, 150 athletes competed, helping to raise $8,000 for Chestnut Mountain Ranch. “This year we want to carry over the success and most importantly, have fun,” said Ashley Anderson, the co-owner of the Box. “We want to bring together athletes from all over the state and neighboring and see what all talent is really out there.”

This year, the Burden Games will be teaming up with Operation Welcome Home to help raise both money and awareness. About 152 athletes have registered to support the organization that provides help to Veterans by breaking down barriers to services and employment.

On top of past regional competitors like Thomas Hooten, Tom Nay, Hillary Meale and Kayla Smith coming to compete, competitors are flocking in from all over. “We are also excited because we have so many Boxes throughout the state and surrounding the state competing,” said Anderson. “Many local Boxes within our town [are competing] and we think this is the first competition all of them will be represented.”

As a team competition made up of either male/male or female/female teams, all are guaranteed three workouts, with one more for finalists. Although Morgantown released movement standards, they will not be releasing the WODs before the Burden Games. “In the true spirit of CrossFit — preparing for the unknown — we will not release the WODs until the day of the competition,” said Anderson.

Overall, Anderson said they just want to raise awareness for Operation Welcome Home and to “help this amazing organization as much as possible.”

“We just hope that [it’s] a fun, successful day that will show the true spirit of CrossFit: amazing athletes coming together to help give back to the community,” she said.

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