The Bumper Plate Equation

Bumper platesYour Box is nothing without its equipment, especially those all-important bumper plates. How do you make purchases and keep up on maintenance that will help your plates last? Box Pro sat down with Chris Welch, the Affiliate of CrossFit Five Plus in Beverly, Massachusetts, to discuss this particular equipment equation.

BP: When you were first buying plates for your gym, what aspects were you evaluating overall?

CW: Our first priority was athlete safety from a standpoint of bars bouncing and possibly hitting other athletes. After that our second concern was making sure we had enough lighter plates in order to allow all athletes to modify and adjust weights accordingly.

BP: What are the most important aspects an Affiliate should consider when purchasing, or repurchasing, plates?

CW: Do you need more, or do you just want more? I often run into the issue of wanting something just for the sake of buying new equipment. Every dollar I spend on new plates is money I can’t use elsewhere. Almost 100 percent of the time we have enough plates and therefore wouldn’t need to spend money on more. Buy for a lifetime. I bought quality plates from Again Faster up front and have not needed to replace my 45s, 35s or 25s yet because I paid for quality and for longevity.

BP: What are some of your tips for maintaining a long life of your plates?

CW: Create a culture that cares for the equipment. By asking your members to drop bars less, you end up spending less on replacing equipment. It is not hard to safely put a bar down, if they see the importance of it.

Tyler is a former editor of Box Pro Magazine.