The Bulldog Clean Difference


How confident are you in the level of cleanliness of your Box? The cleaning methods you choose make a huge difference in how clean your gym mats are for your athletes. The problem with a mop isn’t just that it is difficult to push on rubber mats. Gym mats come in contact with a number of bodily fluids, such as sweat, saliva and blood. That means when you sit or lay down on the mats, you could be exposed to some really nasty bacteria. If you are using a broom or leaf blower to remove chalk and other debris and then mopping your gym mats with a traditional mop and bucket, you may just be pushing around filth rather than removing it.

When a dirty mop is rung out into a bucket of clean solution, the soapy water becomes contaminated. At a certain point, the water becomes so concentrated with dirt that additional dirt can no longer be held in a suspension. At that point, which can be reached remarkably fast, you are simply pushing filth around on your mats. Greg Glassman once said that he evaluates the quality of an Affiliate based on the cleanliness of their restroom because a clean restroom is a symbol of the amount of pride and care put into the business. That same concept can be applied to the cleanliness of your entire facility. Clean mats can help prevent the spread of disease, attract new members and help existing members feel more comfortable during their workouts. Stop cleaning with dirty water. Start cleaning with the Bulldog Floor Scrubber.

The clean water technology found on the Bulldog floor scrubber is one of the reasons that it is widely used in Boxes across the country. With a separate clean solution tank and recovery tank on a floor scrubber, you are always cleaning with clean water throughout the entire cleaning process. With its unique, high-quality squeegee and strong vacuum systems, the Bulldog Scrubber will leave your mats dry immediately after scrubbing. This sanitary practice simply cannot be replicated using a mop. Even in tight spaces, around equipment and in bathrooms, the Bulldog Scrubber cleans with the same clean water technology, extreme suction and speed using its wand attachment, which is an option for all models of the machine. You should not be spending hours cleaning your gym and then still not seeing the results that you want. The Bulldog Scrubber cleans in a fraction of the time it takes to mop, affording you valuable time to focus on further building your business. Take pride in how clean your mats are. Join the ranks of the Certified Bulldog Clean gyms across the country. Drop the mop and see the Bulldog Clean difference today.

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