The Best Marketing Tools

The best marketing tool.

Every niche has it’s own way to sell and market.

Street food vendors let customers get whiffs of their wares. Stores play commercials on TV, using emotion and humor. For CrossFit Boxes, it continually goes back to members and word of mouth.

“I focus on creating the best coaching, results, atmosphere and community for my current members,” said Trenton Campbell of CrossFit Ballwin in Ballwin, Missouri. “When you work your ass off to create something you strongly believe in, your members become the marketing tool. Get your members emotionally vested into your Box.”

Campbell explained that he believes the best marketing technique for CrossFit is in fact organic growth. Instead of focusing on dropping prices, it’s not only cheaper, but more effective to use the members’ love for the Box. They share about their experience and sell their friends and family easier than an Affiliate ever could, he said.

One way to do this is to focus on social media avenues, something Campbell said is nowadays a necessity. “For the most part, it’s free and engulfing people everyday,” said Campbell. “Today, I was waiting in line with about 20 people and 16 of them had their phones out looking at something.”

What do people love to share on social media and in daily life? Photos and stories, said Campbell. He explained those items can come straight from your members. “There is a reason why CrossFitters talk about what they do at the Box, and with social media, you feed the beast,” he said.

But, your members aren’t the only resource. Campbell noted that Affiliates should use the CrossFit owners community versus trying to come up with something new and original in terms of marketing techniques. “Chances are it’s been done and there’s an article or thread written about it,” he said.

So for Campbell, his secret marketing strategy isn’t so secret. He works to get his members emotionally invested in his Box and its community so when that new person walks in, it’s the members that sell the Box, not him.

“Help [your members] first, and keep [your marketing] simple,” he said.

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