The Beauty is in the Details at CrossFit Fresno

CrossFit Fresno

“You tell them I told you to do the application,” said Greg Glassman to Rosanna Pagsanjan at a CrossFit 101 seminar years ago. 

Glassman had spent a season going to various CrossFit Boxes to do talks and seminars for free. Pagsanjan, living in Fresno, California, traveled south to attend one. And on the drive home, she immediately wrote her application to become an Affiliate. 

After going to school to get her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in kinesiology, Pagsanjan had dipped her toes in the water of various forms of fitness. She knew almost instantly CrossFit was for her after giving it a try. In 2009, she opened CrossFit Fresno.

CrossFit Fresno believes and operates under one simple fact: the beauty is in the details. From making sure each athlete performs a movement correctly to keeping each area of the gym clean, Pagsanjan explained each member of her staff is sure to keep the details at the forefront of their minds.

“The details have always been really important to us,” said Pagsanjan. “To me, how you do one thing is how you do everything. All the medicine balls need to be lined up, in order, numbers on the bottom. Everything has its place and everyone knows that. After every session, the place is mopped down and cleaned up. The Coaches are all on board with that because we want to have a specific product presented in a specific way, no matter the time of the day.”

To top its attention to detail, CrossFit Fresno also focuses on staffing a team of Coaches with multiple backgrounds. Pagsanjan said since your Coaches are essentially presenters of your product, it is important they are representing you in the right ways.

“There are great Coaches who come from an educational background, and there are great Coaches who come from practical experience backgrounds,” said Pagsanjan. “I feel like having the combination of the two for myself and the staff that I have is a big part of our success. It determines the service and products we provide. For us, how we present our product is of extreme importance.”

In terms of the future for CrossFit Fresno, Pagsanjan expressed her hope to transition the gym toward incorporating more individualized attention. Currently, the staff is working to reprocess how memberships function to address this issue. Coaches will be responsible for groups of athletes to check in on their personal goals. 

“People gravitate toward CrossFit because of the group aspect, but for it to be more personal that’s something we would like it to head toward,” said Pagsanjan. “You sometimes have to evolve a bit to go with the times. It’s important to be fluid with your vision. The market is ever-changing, and if you want to continue to have success in this industry, you have to move with it.”

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