The 8 Minute Abs Approach to Marketing Success

Marketing Success

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as an “eight-minute abs” program that when used alone will give you six-pack abs. Or even four-pack abs. Similar things can be said for marketing.

Yes, if you go from an extremely sedentary lifestyle to a more active one, you may see some great developments right away. But over the long term, these gains will slow down. Again, this has relevance to your marketing program, too.

What you’re already teaching your members is something you need to follow yourselves. Consistency, along with a multi-faceted approach, is key.

I regularly hear from frustrated business owners and brand managers who are looking for PR/media relations support — a.k.a. help securing news stories — because they believe that “their advertising doesn’t work.”

While it’s in my best interest to tell them not to advertise and instead spend their budget with us, that’s just not an honest answer.

When something isn’t working for you, you should evaluate why, but only after a realistic period of time.

With my personal fitness, I realized that while I was going to my gym consistently, I wasn’t seeing the results many others were. Why? I wasn’t taking advantage of the right training options they offered me and on top of that, my diet was horrible. I did what was easy or comfortable. But later, slight changes resulted in big gains.

You can and should shift your marketing program’s focus depending on your priorities — muscle growth, speed, email address acquisition, etc. — but you should rarely stop. To paraphrase a client of ours in the mortgage industry, “You should never be bored.”

Yes, you can have rest days. Or even cheat days. But when you rest too long, you’ll get cold and eventually start to backslide.

Liken this experience to your own marketing program, using advertising as an example.

Is your advertising working as well as you had hoped? If not, why?

It could be that advertising just isn’t right for your Box and the market you live in. Or it could be something else. Perhaps it’s when and where you’re having your ads run. Or perhaps it’s your ads themselves. Maybe they’re turning people off.

The same can be said for the use of PR/media relations tactics, social media ads and posts, etc.

The issue could be your content, focus — are you forcing your agency or letting them develop ideas for you — or you may have the wrong agency helping you. As I wrote earlier for Box Pro, it takes more than just showing up <<hyperlink to>> to see results.

The best marketing programs, along with fitness, are sustained and consistent.

There are no shortcuts to getting abs. There is no four-hour workweek.

For most people and brands, success is going to come through planning and consistent effort.

Bill Byrne is a director at San Diego’s Remedy Communications, a PR and social media firm with clients ranging from action sports brands to leaders in finance, technology and business-to-business solutions. His short-term goals for the last year included getting a new headshot for work and increasing his max pull-ups to 21. He’s failed at both, but is happy to note he is making progress in the pull-up department. More info on Bill and Remedy Communications can be found online at