3 Ingredients that Should Never be in Your Protein

Grass-fed Protein

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Have you ever read the ingredient label on your protein powder? As with anything, not all protein supplements are created equal. And never is this more apparent than when actually looking at what’s inside the shake many athletes are drinking everyday.

If on the label you see e.g. ‘sucralose’, you’ve got a problem. There’s a reason The Center for Science in the Public Interest downgraded its rating from ‘caution’ to ‘avoid.’ Multiple studies have proven sucralose increases the risk of several cancers and other severe illnesses.

As you continue down the label, if you come across any artificial flavors or colors, you can be sure this supplement contains chemicals, which provide zero nutritional benefit and may be harmful to your body.

Next fact to check for: Where does the whey come from? If not clearly stated on the label, they probably don’t want you to know. Healthy cows that eat a 100 percent grass-fed diet don’t need all the nasty hormones and antibiotics that are used with “industrial” cows. These healthy cows don’t have muscles and milk full of un-natural hormones and antibiotics, which enter your body if you consume a product, sourced from their milk, and can lead to antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Here at Athletic Greens, we make our own powder. We actually know the people who feed the cows that create the whey! Straight from the cleanest and freshest pastures in New Zealand, we’ve created our own 100 percent all-natural, grass-fed whey protein supplement. No artificial chemicals, no sucralose, no anything unnatural, guaranteed.

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