Telling the Truth in Torrance


For me, going to the Reebok CrossFit Games is one of the best times of the year. But, that’s not because I get to watch athletes perform incredible feats and prove themselves to be living, breathing superheroes.

OK, it’s a little bit of that.

But mostly, I love the Games because it’s a chance for me to meet Box owners I’ve only ever talked to via phone or email. And one of those Affiliates is Forrest Jung.

When I started with Box Pro in 2014, I met Jung via email. We chatted. He helped with stories about layout and liquid profits. And life went on. But this past July when I went out to Carson, I took a jaunt down to CrossFit South Bay’s Torrance location to meet with the Affiliate.

Walking in, I was in awe. I hadn’t ever seen a Box like his before. Garage doors were open on both sides, letting in a beautiful cross breeze. There were studios for Pilates and yoga and cycling. It was a different breed of Box than I’d seen.

Then I sat down with Jung and recorded an episode of Box Pro’s newest venture, the podcast Box Talk. And he got real.

IMG_3323He explained he actually didn’t have ownership in the Torrance location anymore due to a falling out with an investor. I was shocked at first. I hadn’t heard anything about it. But a change in ownership does happen more often than you might think. Personally, I can think of several instances when I have reconnected with an Affiliate, only to find out they’ve sold their Box. Or closed down.

Jung’s story was a disheartening one, though I appreciated his honesty. However, he did explain how he’s come full circle in his thoughts on the matter, pulling himself from a dark place. Although his experience is something you wouldn’t wish on anyone, I couldn’t help but feel Affiliates would benefit from hearing about his positive outlook.

Check out “The Life and Death of a CrossFit Box… Sort Of” with Forrest Jung. I hope it gets you thinking about maybe even sharing your own story, Affiliate. You never know: You might just help someone!

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at