Talking Technology at Strong Side

Warm Up Area

From the Apple Watch to 3D printers, it seems the world is far from running out of ideas for new technology. At Strong Side CrossFit in Louisville, Kentucky, they are refusing to be left behind in this area.

First, the gym has a personalized warm-up station. Brad Longazel, a co-owner of the gym, explained that when members first come to the Box, they are put through an assessment to determine what muscles might be tight or imbalanced. Then, each member follows a specific warm-up video on a screen above them.

After 12 weeks, members are  reassessed. “We can retest that assessment and see the improvements in movement and make sure that everything is on the right path,” said Chance Cianciola, the other co-owner of the Box.

Second, Longazel said they utilize heart rate monitors and display the information up on the wall during the WOD. “They get real-time feedback of how hard they’re working,” he said. “It just really helps keep everybody motivated by being real time results.”

Lastly, the Box sports a BOD POD which gives body composition measurements. “It just really allows us to track people to a very specific point,” said Longazel.

The question becomes whether investing the time and money in learning and buying these new technologies is worthwhile. In the past few months in which Strong Side has implemented these tech pieces, the owners have seen positive response. “We’ve actually had a lot of people contact us because they were searching for the BOD POD or different movement assessments,” said Cianciola. “It’s nice to have somebody who’s reaching out for a specific tool, and then they get to come and see your facility and realize that there’s more there than just a BOD POD or whatever it may be.”

In fact, the benefit for the members has settled along the line of tangibility. “A lot of the tools really do give great feedback for your athletes so not only is your athlete happier about seeing results, but you’re happier as a gym owner because you can actually show these amount of people are getting these results,” said Longazel.

He also explained that the cost shouldn’t hold Affiliates back. Within a couple of months, Strong Side paid off most of the BOD POD from the revenue it’s brought in.

Overall, the business-driven benefits generated by adding technology to the Box have been clear. It seems Longazel’s and Cianciola’s initial reasoning behind adding the technology has proven to be grounded in truth.

“We were really just trying to stand out as much as we could,” said Longazel. “We just knew adding those things would really help differentiate us in Louisville.”

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