Taking CrossFit to the Streets

Take CrossFit to the streets.

With the weather finally warming up, your members are surely chomping at the bit to move WODs outside and get some fresh air. So why not use this to your advantage? Yes you can open your doors to let the fresh air in and have your classes do more running to get them outside, but this isn’t doing anything to increase your exposure.

Here are some ideas to enjoy the warmer weather while spreading the word about your Box:

Move a Class to a Local Park

Find a park in a high traffic area of your town. It can be a community park, a beach, a basketball court, you name it … just somewhere that people will see you. If there is a playground, even better! Most of the time you won’t need to bring equipment because the  resources are around you. Use benches for box jumps, focus on body weight movements and do running speed work.

Make sure to wear gear from your Box to promote the gym, and if you can bring a sign with you to show what you’re doing. People are sure to be intrigued by the unique workouts and will stop to ask you what is going on. It’s a great way to recruit new members.

Partner With Your Local Farmers Market

Farmers markets are growing in popularity every year, and chances are you have one in your town or somewhere nearby. People who attend farmers markets are looking for fresh, local food, which means they care about living a healthy lifestyle. This is a great place to set up a booth to give out more information about how CrossFit can be part of their healthy lifestyle.

Maybe some of your members are skilled cooks or you have a nutrition program at your Box. Hand out recipes using some of the ingredients at the farmers market and hand out samples for people to try. This will get people to your booth even if they are a bit skeptical about trying CrossFit.

Join Community Events

Spring and summer are full of festivals and community events. These can bring thousands of people to one area and most of them are likely to live in the area around your Box. Submit a prize for a raffle drawing and set up a booth at a few festivals over the season to hand out information. Bring a few of your members and do demos throughout the day or even hold mini-competitions. How about whoever can do the most burpees in one minute gets 50 percent off an intro class?

Spring and summer are a great time to get out there and bring your message of healthy living to the streets. Not only will your members enjoy the change, but you’re bound to get a few new ones in return!


Photo by Angelo Sisco, O’Hare CrossFit

Sarah McGovern is the Founder & CEO of RAD Media, LLC, a strategic marketing & communications firm specializing in brand development, social media marketing and event management. She started CrossFit in 2012 and now works with Boxes across the country to improve their marketing and business strategies.