T-Swift CrossFit Parody Goes Viral

Taylor Swift "Blank Space" CrossFit Parody

At a Girl’s Night Out with her friends, “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift played in the background of Lindsey Lacz’s pool game. Fifteen minutes later, she had written lyrics to the song, parodied toward a CrossFit audience.

After becoming “totally addicted” to CrossFit in January, Lacz says she goes to Average Joe’s CrossFit in Navarre, Florida, almost five days a week. The gym became like her family, and she hangs out with the people from the Box, socially.

Lacz sent out the lyrics on a group text and told her friends they could easily shoot a new music video.

Nate Webster, another member of Average Joe’s CrossFit, is a wedding videographer and was recruited by Lacz to shoot the video. In the span of two days, one day for group shots and one day to shoot Lacz lip-syncing over a 17-year-old girl singing her lyrics, “Blank Space” for CrossFitters was born.

Co-owner Justine Sharrett said she actually had nothing to do with the planning of Average Joe’s first music video. She let her members do the planning and she simply played a small cameo in the video.

“It was definitely their idea and they did most of the planning. That’s the best part of owning a CrossFit gym is the members. They’re the best and we have so many creative friends through it,” Justine said.

Since the video was made three weeks ago, it has already gone viral, appearing on PopSugar, Philadelphia Magazine and is quickly gaining views on Vimeo. Lacz says they intentionally made it a parody, but it got even funnier when they tried to emulate Swift’s video at the Box.

“We’re just excited that it’s gotten a bunch of views. It’s great. It’s good press for the Box. It definitely got more views than we thought, probably because it’s funny,” Lacz said. “And people that like CrossFit relate to it. I think there are stereotypes about CrossFit that people who don’t go [have]. It also kind of fits their stereotypes, too. People definitely do think we’re puking after our workouts.”

The video is not on Average Joe’s CrossFit’s website yet, but Justine has posted it to Affiliate Owners Facebook page and “allowed it to promote itself.” And she could not believe it made it as far as PopSugar, an international lifestyle website.

Take a look at the hilarious parody below.

Hayli Goode is the former digital editor for Peake Media.