Sweat the Details

Sweat the details.

A sign at Brick Grand Central.

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the Photo Plus Expo in New York City.

In short, it’s a five-day convention for photography and videography professionals.

Days were spent in seminars, learning from internationally renowned people in the industry. I have pages of notes and learned many lessons I will be able to use at Peake Media.

However, one lesson the photo and video professionals reiterated was something that can be translated into almost any industry: attention to detail.

For instance, I sat in a two-hour seminar about natural lighting. By the end, I learned if you pay attention to how shadows fall, how light reflects off buildings, you can capture stunning photos with minimal equipment.

It was truly amazing how just two steps to the left could send a photo from good to great.

That same week, I had the privilege of visiting BRICK Grand Central, a CrossFit location of the infamous BRICK brand. (Side note: The Affiliate may or may not be appearing on the cover of Box Pro soon!)

Anyways, I was talking to one of the Coaches at the location, Greg. And to him, to BRICK, it’s the details that matter.

From the orange lining on the walls to the orange specks in the floor, the BRICK brand was in every little detail inside the Box. The signs that read “Staff Only” were printed in the same font and color. Greg even commented on the trash cans and how shiny and new they look.

And the details don’t stop at the physical aspects, alone. When a potential Coach comes in for an interview, he or she will most often be asked to teach one of the Box’s trainers on the spot. Greg said it throws a lot of Coaches off, but he explained they should be able to train anytime and anywhere.

It’s all in the details. The small things do matter. There’s a reason why Greg Glassman said the state of your bathroom can reveal a lot about your business.

So, what details are you overlooking, Affiliate? Is it how you don’t consistently represent your brand in color and font? Is it how you let the weights sit in messy piles? Is it the tangled jump ropes hanging up in your Box?

Sure, you always hear, “Don’t sweat the small things,” but since no one sweats the small things, maybe you should. Paying attention to those minute details could help you stand out in a big way and can help you go from a good business to a great one.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.