SURGE® Offers Exclusive Product Bundles to Affiliates


SURGE® with the help of Affiliates created product bundles of their popular water-filled product, the Storm 60. The bundle provides optimal pricing and product quantities for any size of Affiliate.

“We noticed Affiliates were either ordering four or up to 10 Storm 60s at a time, which was mainly determined by the size of the Affiliate. We saw a need for an easier, more cost-effective solution. By bundling the product, we’re able to cut warehousing, freight and other costs; we’re excited to pass these savings exclusively to Affiliate owners,” said Nate Logan, the director of business development. 

The SURGE®Storm 60 is a revolutionary product that uses water as its source of weight. Benefits of the Storm 60 include training stabilizer muscles, improvement of form – the water shifts to reveal imbalances – and simulation of real life movements. The water within the Storm 60 is moved throughout the chambers, causing your body to react the way it does in life. By adding products that train top-down instability, you give your members an option to train body stabilization, hips and shoulders, scapulae, core, hips, knees, and ankle. All are key to increasing PRs and reducing injury.

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