SURGE® Launches New Hydro Trainer

SURGE® is pleased to announce the launch of their newest Hydro Trainer, the SURGE® Hydro Ball 25 Professional Series.

The SURGE® Hydro Ball 25 Professional Series HB25 Pro is a professional grade piece of workout equipment. It’s built to take the most absurd abuse and the most extreme workouts.

The HB25 Pro uses water as its source of weight – yes water. This provides instability, which targets and activates more muscles than traditional weights. This not only makes the HB25 Pro a great training tool, it also allows for the weight to be adjusted up to 25 pounds based on client or workout needs.

Use the HB25 Pro just like a kettlebell, slam ball or medicine ball. It can serve as a substitute for many mainstays in the gym. The HB25 Pro comes with a one-year limited warranty. If your HB25 Pro breaks, cracks or leaks it will be replaced with no questions asked.

“This product has so many functional training and core training uses, and can be used by everyone from elite athletes to beginner fitness enthusiasts,” said Candice Brooks, the SURGE® programming and master trainer team director. “Utilizing water as the weight means the product is adaptable to any user’s strength and abilities. By simply adding or eliminating water, you can quickly change the product from an entry-level training tool to a very intense piece of equipment.”

The Hydro Ball 25 Pro is available at