Surefoot Releases New OTC Insole Product


You know Surefoot for their legendary custom ski boots. But did you know that they have just introduced a new line of semi-custom insoles? And did you know that your foot scan — like the millions scanned in Park City and ski resorts around the world — contributed to the database that led to the creation of these much anticipated insoles?

After three decades of producing custom athletic insoles, Park City-based Surefoot, the world leader in performance engineering for athletic footwear is rolling out a much anticipated over-the-counter (OTC) insole in CrossFit Boxes and running shoe stores.

Conforma, as Surefoot’s new product is called, is an OTC insole which is the result of the company’s 30 years in working with feet and hundreds of thousands of computer scans of feet. That experience combined with field input from orthopedic surgeons, podiatrists and professional athletes has resulted in an insole that is truly unique in the sports world.

“Most insoles on the market are made of layered materials that have virtually no flexibility,” said Barry Woods, the vice president of product development at Surefoot. “But Conforma uses lightweight materials that move the foot through the entire gait while providing critical cushioning and maintaining neutral support.”

Perhaps most exciting about Conforma is that it is the first insole designed to work with modern running and cross training shoe technology supporting the foot through the gait cycle which not only enhances performance, but also helps reduce common ailments such as plantar fasciitis and shin splints.

Conforma comes in three support levels providing semi-custom profiles which match an athlete’s arch height (low, medium and high). The insoles are available in sizes ranging from 4 through 16.  Conforma is ideal for all athletes ranging from serious competitors to weekend warriors.

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