Supporting Your Elite Athletes

elite athletes

Last year, Anthony Ray attended his first community event with Glass City CrossFit. He had been an athlete at the Box for a short amount of time, and he and his brother decided to head out to the fundraiser the gym was hosting to raise money for an athlete preparing to compete at the CrossFit Games.

This year the same fundraiser is being held, but for Ray. The 15-year-old athlete will be heading to Madison, Wisconsin, to compete in the Teens division. Melissa Fernandez, the owner of Glass City CrossFit, explained the gym loves to do fundraising events for the members. In fact, she believes it’s what made Ray truly love the community at their gym and sparked his interest to get more involved.

“Last year’s event was the first time Anthony and his brother really got involved,” said Fernandez. “They were pretty brand new to the gym at that point and had just started CrossFit. They really got into playing Spikeball and other games with the Coaches; it was their introduction to our community.”

Hosting events for interests or causes that your members are involved with is something everyone can get behind, even members of the community who aren’t actively involved in your gym. It can prove to your neighborhood you are more than just a space for people to work out, and could be a potential way to bring in new members.

“It’s fun to rally behind someone,” said Fernandez. “Our community is so supportive for each other, whether it’s someone going to the Games or other things. We recently had a fundraiser for a member who was going on a mission trip to Honduras. We love to do a WOD for a cause and give back to our community.”

As Ray prepares for the Games, so will Glass City CrossFit. The gym will be hosting a viewing party for all members interested in watching Ray compete but can’t make it to Madison.

“Of course we will have Coaches and people there with Anthony, but we will have a great turnout at the gym to cheer him on as well,” said Fernandez. “Last year was our first experience with the Games and the support and love our members showed was amazing. To have Anthony going this year is so exciting and we can’t wait to see what else he is going to do, with him only being 15 right now.”

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