Summertime Programs Keep Members Interested


Summer is here and vacations are right around the corner. It might be a bit more difficult to find consistency from your members as they jet off to resorts or just feel like taking a break from CrossFit so they can sit by the pool.

Offering unique programs is a great way to keep members interested in your Box, and potentially bring in new members. Here are just a few examples of what other Affiliates are doing to get over the summer hump:

Summer Camps

At Freakin’ CrossFit in Pembroke Pines, Florida, they offer a focused summer camp for kids ages 5 to 11. They have a week for half-a-day participants, followed by two weeks of full-day sessions. Their goal is simple: to awaken a child’s love for fitness and enhance their cognitive skills while promoting working in teams. The kids participate in a WOD, a Yoga and Endurance class, and they get to run a Ninja Warrior course.

Freakin’ CrossFit also brings in extra revenue by charging for before and after care if the times of the program don’t fit within a parent’s schedule. They make it possible for any kid to have a way to participate.


Creating a summer competition is a great way to ensure members will be in and out of your gym as they gear up for the WODs to come. Letting them know the workouts in advance gives them ample time to get a team together and work out the logistics of how they will compete.

At CrossFit F3 they host a Summer Throwdown with prizes for winners and vendor booths set up around the Box. Prices for teams to compete increase as it gets closer to the event to encourage early sign ups.

Bridal Bootcamp

June is the most popular time of the year for weddings and at Black Swamp CrossFit in Sylvania, Ohio, they take full advantage of that by offering a Bridal Bootcamp program. It is designed specifically to help prepare brides for their big day when all eyes are on them.

They have a special pricing offer – no membership required – to start the bootcamp. They also note the sooner you start the program the better.


Swimming Program

I think everyone can agree that there is no better way to beat the heat than by jumping in a pool. Unfortunately, there aren’t many Boxes with a pool included, so a partnership with a local aquatics center or just heading to the beach if you are located near one can propel you into a whole new style of programming for workouts.

At CrossFit 5885 in Apple Valley, Minnesota, they offer CrossFit swimming classes twice a week as a perk included in their memberships at the gym. Now members have no excuse for why they would rather go to the pool than workout, especially when they can do both.

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