Strongman Program Brings Raw Energy to Box

Moving large loads, long distances, as quickly as you can is the main description of CrossFit Turbine’s Strongman program. The class meets once a week for an hour, and members take their turns with large tires, farmer’s handles, sand bags and much more.

Joe Gaske, a Coach at CrossFit Turbine, teaches the Strongman class. After being certified in the CrossFit Strongman course, both his passion and member interest spurred the initiation of the program. The appeal of using odd objects is important to the Box’s variation of the class and sets their Strongman program apart from other Affiliates.

“Our program may vary from other Affiliates that have a Strongman program, as we use odd objects in classic strongman workouts, substitute odd objects within a CrossFit benchmark or add odd objects into a CrossFit style Metcon,” said Gaske. “Variation is key, and periodically our program does a competition style day where we crank the music up loud, push each other hard and have a lot of fun.”

An important aspect to different programs is the authenticity each class offers. At CrossFit Turbine, authenticity is key for making their classes work. The Coach has sole ownership of how they want to run their workouts, which makes each class specific for the needs of the Affiliate.

“The first thing we do is give the Coach of the specific program 100 percent ownership of it,” said Stefan Cox, owner and Coach at CrossFit Turbine. “With the Coach knowing that they can build their program however they want to has motivated all of our specialty program Coaches to build something pretty incredible.”

Gauging interest in a class is of upmost importance before a Box fully adds a class permanently to the schedule. CrossFit Turbine offers teaser classes as a way to understand the wants and needs of their membership. These teaser classes give the members a taste of what to expect from an average class. In terms of their Strongman class, there were over 15 people that showed up for the teaser class.

Cox also said athletes of all experience levels will see benefits in several different areas after participating in Strongman courses. “People that come to Strongman are going to see an increased ability of grip strength and midline stability, and a greater ability to push harder in shorter benchmark CrossFit workouts like Grace and Isabel,” said Cox. “After adding in Strongman conditioning, athletes might also find themselves able to switch into high gear at the end of longer workouts and see greater weight loss as another added benefit.”

In addition to all the other benefits of the Strongman course, both Cox and Gaske agreed that an added bonus was the raw energy the class gave off from moving, loading and dropping odd objects.

“Feeling the ground shake after dropping an atlas stone or tractor tire will tap into anyone’s animalistic side and bring a smile to the face of almost any athlete, and that’s what you can expect from Strongman,” said Cox.

Kaitlyn is a staff writer for Peake Media. Contact her at