Strong in Faith

The Faith Rx'd program at CrossFit Iron Fury

Faith Rx’d is an organization with the mission of strengthening the fitness community for Christ-centered living and impact through workouts, prayer, teaching, open discussion, and social and service events. With chapters all around the country, Faith Rx’d can be a unique way for Boxes to invite new members through their doors.

After a chance run in with a Faith RX’d booth at a fundraising competition in Cookeville, Tennessee, Erik and Amanda Daniels, owners of CrossFit Iron Fury in Beckley, West Virginia, knew it was a perfect fit for their Box.

It seemed only fate, or faith, was playing the main role in their lives at the time. They were looking to move away from the area where they currently lived. After the offer on the house fell through, they were motivated to see in what direction their new Box could go.

“God had it all planned out, and it was just so cool to be a part of His plan,” said Amanda. “I went to the Faith Rx’d ‘Iron Sharpens Iron’ seminar in June. We were in communication with Becky and Jim Conzelman, founders of the organization, getting all of our paperwork and approvals in, talking with our church and getting a leadership team together. We received our approval from Faith Rx’d headquarters and had our first Faith Rx’d Beckley, West Virginia, chapter event on December 5, 2015.”

CrossFit Iron Fury now holds two Faith Rx’d Beckley events on the first Sunday and third Friday of the month. Each class begins with a prayer followed by the workout. After the workout, everyone is invited to participate in a devotion that ends with small group discussion. The devotions are based heavily on the needs of the group as Erik and Amanda, along with their leadership team, keep a hand on the pulse of their attendees.

“Once our chapter was approved, the Faith Rx’d headquarters allowed us access to two devotion series that Chip Pugh, Faith Rx’d co-founder, created called the ‘Strong’ series and the ‘Built’ series,” explained Amanda. “We have completed both series and have both grown and challenged attendees, and ourselves, as we have studied God’s Word. The headquarters has provided great material we have been able to use. Our devotion goes as God’s will does and is an ever-changing experience. God knows the needs of whoever is there and simply uses us as a mouthpiece for his Word. Continually listening to what God has to say and what he wants said is the deciding factor for devotional messages.”

Amanda explained the majority of the marketing for Faith Rx’d Beckley is through social media. However, incorporating local churches is another option for a way to get people to give the class a try.

“My church sends out our event dates and times over our church email and with the announcements on Sunday,” said Amanda. “I made a video with Becky Conzelman’s interview about Faith Rx’d, and I put in a slideshow of pictures from previous events in order to show it to the church and talk to them about what the ministry is about and use it as a personal invitation.”

While Faith Rx’d is an opportunity to share messages from the Bible, it is also a time to introduce new people to CrossFit, which is always a good thing for Affiliates. Incorporating different and unique programs, like Faith Rx’d, can turn your Box into a thriving business that caters to everyone.

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