Starring CrossFit Hollywood

CrossFit Hollywood

Andy Thompson had more in mind than star-studded streets when he and a good friend realized there was an absence of CrossFit in Hollywood, California. And it all began after Thompson, who was in pursuit of becoming a Navy SEAL, ruptured his bladder at a Christmas party a month prior to BUD/S. “Damaged goods,” he called himself in reference to being discharged from the SEALs.

That did not stop Thompson however. He became a personal trainer and  soon discovered CrossFit. One day after visiting, he decided to do his first WOD — 7 rounds of 10 sumo deadlift high pulls and 10 ring dips — before his regular workout. People who did the workout were asked to post times in the comments section. “I thought I was all hot shit, so I go to post my time,” Thompson explained. “[As] I’m scrolling through … I was seeing times that were like five minutes, four minutes. Oh jeez, my time was like 14 minutes. So, I was like ok, I get it.”

Immediately Thompson began incorporating CrossFit into the work with his clients and was stunned. “I had been training these clients for two years or so and these clients, after four months of doing CrossFit, have seen more results than the two years prior training with me,” he explained.

So, CrossFit Hollywood began in a park in 2008, and the equipment was purchased with Thompson’s life savings. “It was ghetto,” he said, remembering rigging pull-up bars with pipes bought at Home Depot.

However, the Box is now able to claim itself as the first of dozens of CrossFit Boxes in the area, about 20 of which came directly from former CrossFit Hollywood clients, many of whom Thompson didn’t have space for on his coaching staff.

He noted though that there is a right way and a wrong way for people to go about opening a Box, especially when they were born from another in the area. But, it can be a benefit when his members move to a different area around L.A. and Thompson is able to recommend them to a Box because he knows its owner.

When asked what makes his Box really shine, Thompson didn’t hesitate: the quality, specifically the quality coaching. From attention to detail to even straightening out the sometimes-muddled reputation of CrossFit, the emphasis on quality permeates throughout all of CrossFit Hollywood. “Get it right first. Do it consistently. Then, increase the intensity,” said Thompson. “Stay true to the roots. Give quality coaching. Give attention to detail with all of your clients, and they’ll appreciate you for it.”

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