Does Your Staff Feel Supported?


Your staff keeps the seams of your business held together. Without them, it would be nearly impossible to accomplish the goals you set. But just as they make the members of your Box happy through support, workout instruction and encouragement, you should be doing the same for them.

Creating a supported and encouraged staff environment is important, and there are numerous ways to achieve this. While Chennelle Miller, owner of Raleigh CrossFit, explained she will give out gift cards or other small tokens of acknowledgement, provide ways to continue education and support them in their own personal pursuits outside of the gym, she said it’s most important that they understand they are appreciated for all they do for your community.

“As the owner, I realize there has to be someone directing the group because ultimately I have to make the decisions, but the coaches realize that we are in this together, so we must all work as a cohesive unit,” said Miller. “I don’t believe physical things or gifts should be the sole way to support someone or show that you care. They have to know through your words and actions. Those things are more lasting than a monetary or physical gift. Just telling a coach that you appreciate who they are, what they are providing to our community and how thankful you are for their presence is much more important. Knowing what each coach needs in terms of interaction with you as the owner is invaluable.”

Over at Solace New York, owner Tristan Keeffe explained they incentivize their Coaches through appreciation, like Raleigh CrossFit. They also encourage their staff to pursue various avenues of growth. He explained it’s important to understand your Coaches are going to have the desire to grow in the same way your members will, and allowing them to pursue those wants will make their time with your business much more enjoyable.

“If you are coming in as a CrossFit Coach but you discover a love for strength methods, and you are diving into that a bit more heavily, we have the ability to put you sideways and let you learn under our great Coaches,” said Keeffe. “If you come in and started out in the high-intensity world, and then discover that you have a passion for yoga, we have the ability to exercise some of that intellectual curiosity. I think that’s important. It’s a side benefit to our structure, but it has been intentional since we set that business up. If clients have interests to try new things we saw it beneficial to allow our Coaches to have multiple interests as well.”

Your staff is the backbone of your members’ happiness and you need to be able to rely on them at any moment’s notice. Making sure they feel supported and appreciated is a guaranteed way to expect them to support the business fully.

Kaitlyn is a staff writer for Peake Media. Contact her at