Spring into Action Nutrition Campaign

nutrition campaign

Fitness and health trends are easy to predict. Members commit to a fresh start in the new year and that excitement drives them for a few months. In the CrossFit community, that dedication continues through the CrossFit Open. By the end of March, that drive starts to dwindle.

Around May, some members might reengage in order to get their “beach body,” but this is short-lived and they will fall off again through the holidays. By the time the holidays are over, they are starting over again in January.

This cycle of on-again off-again nutrition is not only unsuccessful, but can actually be harmful to a person’s health. Instead of allowing your members to fall for this routine of good and bad nutrition, use this knowledge to re-engage your members during times when commitment tends to slow down.

Use the typical Spring lull to drive action in your members. There are three ways you can keep nutrition at the forefront to build the foundation for success all year round, not just when it’s convenient.

1. Schedule goal-setting sessions.

It is important for members to constantly revisit their goals, check their progress and update those goals according to where they are. Encourage members to schedule goal-setting sessions where you can test their biometrics. Whether their goal is weight loss or performance, this will reignite their excitement. During these sessions, focus on the positive nutrition habits they have developed.

During these goal-setting sessions is also a great time to recommend a specific package based on their goal. If they are trying to lose weight, recommend a hybrid nutrition and fitness package. It is up to you to tell them how they will meet goals and avoid the yearly cycle.

Finally, as new members sign up always measure their biometrics, even if they are not signing up for a nutrition plan. If they want to do nutrition later, you will want to know where they started from.

2. Share testimonials.

At this point, you have multiple testimonials collected from challenges and your ongoing clients. Use these testimonials during the slower periods to show clients what they can accomplish with nutrition.

Testimonials can be shared in multiple ways. Use the same testimonial in infographic form, video form and with a quote from the client to drive the point across to everyone. People don’t like missing out and seeing testimonials gives them hope for their own goals. You want to share these testimonials on your social media, landing pages within your website and pictures in your facility.

You might even ask for a video testimonial. Ask clients the following questions:

  • What is your name?
  • What program are you doing?
  • What is one thing you learned about nutrition while on this program?
  • What is your favorite recipe?
  • What are your results so far?
  • What would you say to someone considering the nutrition program here?

Once you share the testimonial, highlight what the client lost and gained in that time frame. When you share it, link it back to your landing page. Show potential clients it is possible for them to see success if they follow your plan.

3. Increase the Conversation

Instead of avoiding the nutrition conversation mid-year, increase the frequency at which you talk about it. You should talk about it so much that members are exposed to it multiple times a week, regardless of how many times a week they are at the facility. The conversation should be geared toward, “how can the right nutrition improve what you are doing.”

If a member feels sluggish or misses a personal best on a lift, ask them what they ate that day. Make the connection that what they are eating directly contributes to how they are performing. Maybe it was their water intake, inconsistent eating, or lack of carbohydrates and protein before a workout. Whatever the reason, a proper nutrition program will improve their performance.

Increasing the conversation can be as simple as a question of the day, email blast with a healthy recipe or food post on social media.

Spring should not be the time where you allow your nutrition program to slow down. If it slows down, it takes double the work to get it back to where it was. Instead, do what the facilities around you are NOT doing. Re-engage members before they fall too far. By the time January rolls around, members will be happy they are not starting over.

Nicole Aucoin
​Nicole Aucoin is a registered dietitian and founder of Healthy Steps Nutrition, CrossFit HSN, and HSN Mentoring. ​HSN Mentoring i​ s the largest nutrition-business mentoring program in the world. Helping over 2,000 gym owners and Coaches worldwide, HSN provides a turn-key solution to gym owners looking to take their nutrition program and offerings to the next level. Nicole has a podcast, G​ row Your Nutrition Business Podcast​, where each week she interviews fellow thought leaders in the community and provides actionable steps to help you build your business. Healthy Steps Nutrition is releasing a new stand-alone nutrition coaching course, which is a C​rossFit Preferred Course​, Basics of Nutrition Coaching, on August 18.