Speakers + Big Thinking = Awesomeness


I attended the Health Entrepreneur f(x) conference – held a day before the Paleo f(x) event – this year in Austin, Texas. I try to attend three to four events/masterminds/conferences every year for a multitude of reasons:

  • To surround myself with people who don’t put limits on their thinking in an effort to keep my own limiting beliefs in check.
  • To unplug from my day-to-day routine and have a chance to think and work on my big picture aspirations.
  • To get advice from leaders in our industry.
  • To network with other up and comers.
  • To invest in myself.

If you have been thinking about wanting to do the same but just haven’t pulled the trigger yet, here’s a recap of the speakers and the messages they shared:

Melissa Hartwig – The Whole30

“Social Media is Becoming More Important Than Your Web Page”

Four challenges in growing your brand via social media:

  1. Losing control of your message as it is shared and commented on.
  2. Seeing everyone as your competition and losing your message by trying to outdo them all.
  3. Trying to be all things to all people.
  4. Turning your social media following into revenue.

Craig Ballantyne – Early to Rise

“5 Pillars of Success”

  1. Better planning and preparation.
  2. Professional accountability – paid Coach or mentor.
  3. Positive social support, aka cheerleaders.
  4. Meaningful incentives.
  5. The deadline, as in “Tasks will expand to the length of the deadline.”

Abel James – Fat Burning Man

“Future-Proof Your Business”

  1. Don’t take money if you don’t need it.
  2. Focus on hard work that makes you better at what you do.
  3. Batch your production and be consistent.
  4. Accept that you never arrive, and find fulfillment in the journey.
  5. Gut check everything.

Mike Bledsoe – Barbell Business

“Make the Biggest Impact Possible”

  1. Your business should enhance you, not destroy you.
  2. Two vision types:
    1. External – What do I want to be absurd in 20 years? Absurd as in something that is considered normal today, but I would like to see be considered absurd in 20 years. For example, 50 years ago the cashier at the grocery store might be smoking as they check you out, while today that would be absurd.
    2. Internal – Your personal vision for yourself 90 days, six months, one year, three years and five years from now.
  3. Make your partnerships complementary– for example, Steve Jobs and Mike Wozniak, Ben and Jerry, Mike Bledsoe and Doug Larson.
  4. Don’t create titles within your business, keep it to roles and accountabilities.

John Durant – Wild Ventures

“Influencers for Marketing”

Four big ways to work with influencers:

  • Become one yourself.
  • Non-financial relationships: Attend seminars. Correspondence without attachments. Don’t ask for, but instead provide, value.
  • Financial – aka paid for. Be careful not to value too high, give a lot and receive too little.
  • Investor/advisor.

Want to know more? Then get off your ass and find an event(s) and speakers that will give it you. No success story ever started with, “I owe everything to sitting at home scrolling through Facebook.”

Eric Karls is a founder of CrossFit 859 in Nicholasville, Kentucky. He also helped open CrossFit Fisticuffs in Georgetown, Kentucky, and is the founder/supervisor of Georgetown College CrossFit. Eric can be followed on his personal Facebook or contacted at crossfit859eric@gmail.com.