Solace New York Adds Y7 Studios to Gym Location

Boutique fitness locations are constantly popping up across the country, offering everything from treadmill-centric workouts to kickboxing programs. In turn, it’s common for athletes to think the grass looks greener on the other side of the fence and want to venture over to give each new location a try.

The inside of Y7 Studio’s Solace New York location.

As a gym owner, this could be frustrating and intimidating to think they may find something they enjoy outside of your four walls. This was a trend that Solace New York decided to take on. Rather than having athletes go outside of their gym to try other businesses, they brought the other business to their gym. Y7 Studios, a yoga studio with each class set to today’s best hip-hop music, opened its twelfth location inside Solace New York on January 25, 2019.

In fact, Sarah Larson Levey, the CEO of Y7 Studios, had been looking in the area of New York City that Solace is located in for a new studio location, but hadn’t found any that were just right. After a local event at Solace New York, however, things immediately took off.

“I just couldn’t find a space that fits Y7’s needs,” said Levey. “I had the pleasure of meeting Kenny Santucci, the general manager of Solace, at a fitness event we were both participating in, and we started talking about the space at Solace and different ventures he was hoping to accomplish with it. We met the next week and it immediately clicked that it would be the home for a new Y7 location.”

The locker room at Y7 Studio’s Solace New York location.

Y7 Studio is located in a separate room within Solace so it can accomplish its candlelit, mirrorless, infrared-heated structure of its classes. Levey explained it was an easy decision to make to join forces with Santucci and Solace New York because both were hoping to bring in cross-over clientele to their location. Memberships to both Solace and Y7 have the option of class packages at the other to promote cross training.

“My hope is to introduce yoga and its benefits to the incredible community that already exists within Solace, and how yoga can help enhance what they are already doing,” said Levey. “I think people want variety. They want workouts that will compliment each other and elevate their performance, which is exactly what we hope to do by joining Solace and Y7.”

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