Social Media Strategy: Snapchat


When it comes to Snapchat, the name of the game is authenticity. At least it is in Angelo Sisco’s book.

The Affiliate recently brought in Snapchat to his business, creating an account for O’Hare CrossFit, located in Franklin Park, Illinois. And the reason he likes Snapchat is because the photos and videos you see aren’t edited. “Snapchat is like, ‘Here I am, as honest as I can be,’” explained Sisco. “I think that’s what appeals to me the most about it, not being edited. And also too, I think it appeals to the audience about that.”

In a world where everyone is connected to his or her phone, Sisco said businesses are constantly trying to grab their audience’s attention. He explained that’s a benefit of Snapchat. The app allows users only a limited time in which they can look at a post. Sometimes, a photo or video can be added to what’s called your “story,” and it will be on the feed for 24 hours. Other times, a picture or video might show up for only 10 seconds. Then it’s gone forever.

“Snapchat could harvest [people’s] attention for a distinct period of time, because people know that if they don’t look at it right at that moment, their not going to be able to see it again,” said Sisco. “It’s just such a perfect way to reach people and put stuff out there.”

Sisco gave several ideas on how to use Snapchat successfully:

Member or Coach Takeover:

Sisco hands the phone over to a member or Coach for a half hour. They can snap whatever they want and share it via O’Hare CrossFit’s Snapchat. “They’re taking control of the content,” said Sisco. “They’re showing the gym from their eyes, which is definitely really, really entertaining.”


Whether it’s asking members to participate in a vote on their favorite apparel, or something a bit more humorous, Sisco likes to make Snapchat interactive. “I can ask questions on Snapchat and they’re responding,” he said. “Just getting that engagement with your people is also a huge reason why you should be on Snapchat.”

Showing off the Gym:

Sisco explained he loves showing clips from different classes throughout the day. Some members come consistently at one hour a day, and have no idea what the gym is like during other classes. “Snapchat is almost that social media vehicle where you get the uncut, extra footage, people’s thoughts, things like that,” said Sisco.

Getting Real:

Snapchat is meant for the impromptu post and the real image of the person/gym. “People see a side of you that is a little un-groomed and not perfect, and I think people can relate to that so much more than people think,” he said.

Ultimately, it’s about going where your audience is on social media. “If Snapchat is where your people are right now, your membership is right now, you have to go where your members are to engage with them,” said Sisco.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at