Social Media Strategy: Instagram


At BRICK, there is a social media strategy to posting on Instagram. Since the New Year, Chelsey Hughes, the director of operations at BRICK, explained each location has been building monthly content calendars for the social media platform, including topics that should be posted each day, as well as the flexibility to move around topics in case inspiration strikes.

Hughes explained they try to also post an even amount of all BRICK’s programs, from CrossFit and yoga to B | X and Instagram. The images and captions also contain information relevant to members, such as highlighting a location’s rowing seminar or local competition.

But more than that, she said their Instagram strategy is ultimately to be beneficial to the Box’s audience. “We want the post and the information that we’re providing to be informative and engaging, so we’re trying to do a little bit better job posting tips and information that our members and our followers can use or that entertains them,” explained Hughes.

In fact, Hughes said she spends time looking at other organizations who do social media well. She credited SoulCycle for doing an excellent job at highlighting its instructors and staff in a really fun fashion – something she looks to copy. “These instructors are much like our Coaches,” she said. “They’re the faces of the organization to the members.”

Overall, BRICK offers a variety of posts on its Instagram. When asked about the reasoning behind each, Hughes offered up an explanation:

BRICKBite Post

BRICK biteBRICK bite text

BRICK’s in-house nutritionist, Erica Sedge, is passionate about making sure nutrition is part of members’ lifestyles. From that was born the BRICK Bite, a weekly post on nutrition. “In order to equip our members, we wanted to be able to give them really quick snip-its and digestible information, if you will,” said Hughes.

The BRICK Bite is strategically released on Sundays. Hughes explained members typically have more time to read a longer post and actually take in the information.

Community Post

To celebrate BRICK turning 5-years-old, the Box posted an image of celebratory cupcakes branded with the BRICK logo, but the caption promoted the company’s anniversary party. Hughes explained the post got so many likes because members were excited about the event. “It’s right around the holidays, but it’s literally like Christmas for us,” she said.

Local/Current Event Post

Unlike many posts on BRICK’s Instagram, this graphic was made ahead of time to be relevant with what was going on in the calendar year. Hughes said the post allowed each location’s social media manager to plan ahead around the busy holidays.


But the most popular posts are typically videos. Hughes said fun videos tend to do the best on Instagram.

As for overall Instagram tips, Hughes gave a few:

  1. You can’t stage fun, so always be ready.
  2. When highlighting members, make sure to tag them.
  3. Have a person who is creative and enjoys social media manage it.

And finally, Instagram is a way for BRICK to give its members a little aspiration, especially on Mondays. “If we can be a little reminder for the two seconds that they scroll across or are browsing the Internet and see that, then hopefully that’s the boost they need or reminder to reserve a class and come in,” said Hughes.

Heather Hartmann
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