Smarter, Faster, Better Productivity


Raise your hand if you’ve tried an app that claims to help your productivity.

You can’t see it, but my hand is raised. I’ve tried electronic Sticky Notes and organizational calendars to boost the amount of things I can get done in a day. Most of the time, these apps or additions to my life lose my interest within two weeks.

And if anything, I’m sometimes less productive because of the time I invested in an app. In our every-increasing pace of life and work, that doesn’t fly.

Recently, the leadership team at my company started reading “Smarter, Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business” by Charles Duhigg. The author explains there are eight concepts in his book that are in common in companies and people who manage to get so much done.

“This is a book about how to recognize the choices that fuel true productivity,” wrote Duhigg. “It is a guide to the science, techniques and opportunities that have changed lives. There are people who have learned how to succeed with less effort. There are companies that create amazing things with less waste. There are leaders who transform the people around you.”

And I don’t know about you, Affiliate, but I want to fall in one of the above generalizations. However, I have a lot to learn about productivity before I do.

Over the next several weeks, I want to share with you what I’m learning from “Smarter, Faster, Better.” I think there are serious gems in this piece of work that you and I can use to better our lives and businesses.

Before we dive into the book’s eight concepts, however, take some time this week to look at your productivity levels. Where are they great? Where can they improve? To help, check out this quiz and the beneficial tips it gives:

Figuring out where you currently are in terms of being productive is the first step, Affiliate, to achieving more productivity. From there, you can learn where you need to go and then make the changes that are necessary.

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